2020 Family Portraits in a Time of Distance

The MeDisProject photography family portrait year 2020

– Let’s take a picture! –

As 2020 comes to an end, we’ve been wondering how to wish you a happy new year. In such a difficult period for many, the need for human interaction and generosity that people have shown was overwhelming. Without this pandemic, we wouldn’t shoot our visual diary for our son Umberto. And thanks to your help with our fundraising campaign, we could turn that into an exhibition.

For this reason, instead of the usual postcard, this time we decided to invite you to take part in our latest and craziest project. We thought to take a portrait to those of you who agree with us. We’ll share the whole process of creation of the final picture via a video call so every picture will belong to two authors, us and yourselves.

– You’re invited to our project –

In times of “social distance,” many of us are working from home, and video calls have become a habit. So don’t worry if you’re not a photographer: we’ll be there to help you to find the right location and set the lighting condition at your home. Whether you are family, single people, or mixed groups, we’ll build together a collective family portrait to celebrate the end of this year.

– Contact us! –

If you like our idea and you’d love to be a part of it, contact us – either through the contact form below or by replying to our email. We’ll publish your photo on our website along with our family portrait and share the gallery on MeDisProject Photography’s social network pages.

We also think that it’s a chance to start making introductions since we always thought that MeDisProject friends would get along together well. Let’s create something and be united in this time of distance.

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