2020 remote portraits in a time of distance

2020 remote portraits in a time of distance

Online Portraits

in a time of distance


– Why online photoshooting? –

As 2020 was coming to an end, we wondered how to wish a happy new year to all our friends. In such a difficult period for many, the need for human interaction and generosity that people have shown was overwhelming. Without this pandemic, we wouldn’t have shot our visual diary for our son Umberto. And thanks to the many who donated to our fundraising campaign, we could turn that into an exhibition.

We wanted to repay all that generosity with something meaningful. For that reason, instead of the usual postcard, we decided to invite our contacts to take part in our craziest project.

-How it works –

Many of us work from home in times of social distance, and video calls have become a habit. Also, phone cameras have gotten better and better – and we were surprised by the quality that we could reach.

So, we connected through the internet and helped our friends find the perfect light and location directly at their place. And we shot their portrait without moving from our home. Whether they were family, single people, or mixed groups, we built a collective family portrait in this time of distance.

The following is still a work in progress, so keep on following us!

The MeDisProject photography family portrait year 2020

we decided to lead by example

Christmas time remote family portrait

Vilnius, Lithuania

family resting on a red couch

Pratolino (Florence), Italy

a lonely black young woman and her dog

Minneapolis, Minnesota

remote family portrait with toddler

Fidenza, (Parma) Italy

remote family portrait with colorful paintings

Vilnius, Lithuania

a portrait of a family of four at the christmas tree

Friedrichshafen, Germany

remote family portrait with boxing gloves

Pontedera (Pisa), Italy

Remote portrait of a flamenco dancer

Vilnius, Lithuania

remote portrait of a woman and her son at home

Florence, Italy

a family of four in front of a summer house

Florence, Italy

Online photoshoot with a Lithuania family in winter

Vilnius, Lithuania

woman knitting and a man reading a book

Hennef, Germany

remote family portrait in a old-style living room

Piacenza, Italy

pregnant woman and her husband at the christmas tree

Rome, Italy

English family portrait at home during Christmas time

Hitchin, UK

Brazilian family portrait at home while breastfeeding

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

couple standing by the river in Bern

Bern, Switzerland

remote portrait of an English couple

Leeds, UK

American family portrait taken remotely

Orange County, California

Blogger Alexandra Korey and her husband Tommaso at home in Florence

Florence, Italy

Online portrait of an Italian family with Lego

Volterra, Italy

Remote family portrait in a Canadian house at Christmas

Toronto, Canada

Remote portrait of a woman and her daughter

Sogliano al Rubicone, (Forlì-Cesena) Italy

Italian Lithuanian volleyball player Indre Sorokaite

Kariya, Japan

Online portrait of a couple in a barn

Saliceto di Cadeo, (Piacenza) Italy

Family portrait with ShutterApp

Firenze, Italy

online family photo for wedding anniversary

Orange County, California

Online photo of a mother and her daughters sitting by the swimming pool in California

Orange County, California

Online candid family portrait with children

Brussels, Belgium

Online family portrait on a bed

Leeds, UK

online photo of a girl with a barbie in her pink room

Leeds, UK

online photo of a girl in her pink room

Leeds, UK

online photo of a by in his bedroom

Leeds, UK

candid remote family photos

Leeds, UK

A remote family portrait in winter

Vilnius, Lithuania

Online family portrait at home with guitar and pet

Oxford, UK

colorful gay family portrait

Toronto, Canada

remote portrait of a woman and her grandfather on their balcony in Brazil

Niterói, Brazil

remote photo of a kid sitting on a table

Rome, Italy

remote family portrait during pandemic

Lago di Idro, Italy


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    1. Marsela 4 years ago

      Ciao sono Marsela e ho una bimba di 8 anni di nome Emma. Viviamo sulle colline romagnole. Io sono Albanese ma ormai vivo da 18 anni in Italia. Ho visto il vostro progetto… Bellissimo. Sono anche io un appassionata di fotografia a livello dilettantistico.

      • Author
        Matteo Baldini 4 years ago

        Ciao Marsela, grazie per il tuo commento, e per averci raccontato un po’ della tua storia :-) Ti abbiamo mandato ora un’email

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