A big family photo shoot | A Russian Family trip in Tuscany

A Russian Family in Florence


This big family photo shoot tells the story of Maria and her relatives, who spent their vacation here in Tuscany. They and asked us to take some portrait both in Florence and the countryside. We were happy to have the chance to work with them: they are our first Russian clients, another flag on our little map of the world 🙂

candid family portrait backlight family in san miniato al monte florence view over florence view over florence grandparents portraits in florence family walking hand by hand shadow family portrait sightseeing over florence classic family portrait in cypress alley classic family portrait in cypress alley silhouette family portrait family in the tuscan vineyards lovers embrace in the vineyards family in the vineyards with fresh grapes 15_medisproject_family photographers in Tuscany family jokes family candid portrait 18_medisproject_family photographers in Tuscanycandid family photo session in tuscany with kids


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