Early morning family photoshoot in Florence Italy by MeDisProject Photography

Early morning family photoshoot in Florence Italy by MeDisProject Photography

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An Early morning family photoshoot in Florence

So, you’re thinking to have an early morning family photoshoot during your holidays in Italy? In this post, we’ll tell you why we highly recommend to get up early, especially if you’re gonna shoot in Florence city center.

If you’re hesitant, and can’t imagine getting out of your bed only to take some pictures, let us try and convince you to consider this option.

Time it Right

As we already discussed in this couple’s photo gallery, the best time to start a morning session is right around sunrise. Whenever we’re planning a photoshoot like this, we check beforehand what time the sun rises in Florence on any date. In fact, we generally start about 15 minutes after dawn, but we always discuss that with our clients, according to their situation.

Summer is hot in Florence, and particularly downtown, due to the lack of green areas. That’s naturally affecting the quality of your experience during an outdoor photoshoot. So if you want to avoid the heat but still enjoy fairly mild weather, we’d suggest to come in April/May or mid-September through late-October. On the other hand, if you’re traveling in summer, an early morning session takes care of that problem.

Depending on the season, you might also have better luck with the weather in the morning. In Florence, most mornings are calm and if the rain and storms are coming, it’s gonna be later in the day. Sometimes, there’s even a light haze that makes any shooting direction work, giving us more choice in terms of backdrops.

Waking up the family

So how do you convince your husband or your children to get up early in the morning for a photo session when they could be sleeping longer?

The best way to convince them is to look at the results. We’ve had clients get up at 4:00 am to be ready for a session and they were happy to do that when they experienced the heat of the day. Feeling fresh and not sweaty during the photoshoot is great and puts everybody in a good mood. That’s essential for us to get wonderful and natural photos. Moreover, just after daybreak, Florence is still almost empty. And having a photo session in the middle of the crowd is surely much harder than waking up early.

After all, beautiful memories are more important than a little bit more sleep, aren’t they? Also, you can always take a nap after lunch, and stay away from the heat. Sometimes, even jet-lag can help, depending on where you’re traveling from!

We started to introduce this slot in our schedule years ago, and so far, our clients’ feedback were totally positive.

Any other question about early morning family photo sessions?

Please take a look at this gorgeous family photos, and consider that we started it at 6am, in the middle of summer. We hope to give you some inspiration for your next family holiday photoshoot! If you wanna know more about this kind of service, please visit our Family page, and feel free to reach out to us to save the date. We’re looking forward to being your family photographers in Tuscany!

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