Engagement photo session in Florence

Claire & Corey

Why an early morning photo session?

Early morning photo sessions are the best, especially during summertime. As you might already know, the best times to take portrait photos in natural light are sunset and sunrise. While in Florence, Italy, the summer late afternoon is usually sweltering, the moments around daybreak are nice and cool.

The city for yourself

Claire and Corey agreed to meet just before sunrise, around 6 am. So we could take advantage of the golden hour, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. At that time, Florence is still almost empty, the light is soft and diffused, and the air is fresh. After this session, we started to propose this option to all the couples that wanted to shoot in town. Surprisingly, most of them were happy to get up very early to have the city all to themselves.

After strolling the historical center, we moved up to the fantastic Hotel Torre di Bellosguardo. There, we found one of the most original views over Florence and enjoy their beautiful garden.


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