Engagement photo session in Florence

In love with Florence | Anniversary photo shoot in Italy

Zeynep & Ahmet

I’m in love with Florence

“I am totally in love with Florence and I feel my soul belongs to that city”. This is what Zeynep wrote to us in her first email, almost one year ago.

In fact, she’s been living and studying here several times for long periods, so “it’s like my second home”. After getting married to Ahmet she really wanted to take him here and take some photos for their first anniversary. So, we met them in their nice traditional house, just in front of the Vasari Corridor and Ponte Vecchio. Here are some of our favorite shots from the afternoon that we spent together.

Are you in love with Florence, too?

If you’re in love with Florence too and wanna see more sessions like this one, please visit our Couples page. Also, feel free to contact us for more information on our couple’s photo sessions. We can’t wait to tell your Florentine love story!

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