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A Family Holiday in Italy

Are you planning a family holiday in Italy, and you’re looking for some unique experience? Then this can be inspiring for you, especially if you’re thinking of Val d’Orcia in Tuscany.

Val d’Orcia is a special place for us. There we shot our very first family portrait, and we spent magnificent vacations. That’s why, when Katelyn wrote us inquiring about a Family photo session, we were thrilled. Her email was adorable, especially these lines that we wanted to share with you:

“I am usually the family photographer on our travels, and thus do not have many photos of me with my husband and children together. But when I found your work on the internet and Instagram, I knew I wanted to book a session with you so we can have some images of my little family together on our adventures in Italy. What a gift it would be to have your photos to take home with us.”

Getting acquainted

In the following week, we kept in touch through our Instagram page. So when we finally met them in Pienza, we felt like we’ve been friends for a long time already. Relaxed travelers, sincerely kind people, meeting them was a real gift for us.

Luisa and Agriturismo Il Rigo

We would like to thank Luisa, Agriturismo Il Rigo, and all their incredibly friendly cats. That’s not just a tourist accommodation, but her family home. That’s why we love to take photos in this magical place, and we’re looking forward to going back there soon.

Family Holiday in Italy family on holiday in Pienza sitting in the main piazza with old countrymen Family Holiday in Italy Young couple swinging daughter between them in Pienza Italy father and daughter in front of the church of Pienza Old Italian doors in Pienza Young couple swinging daughter between them old ladies sitting on the doorstep in Pienza Italy children with parents at walk in the streets of an old Italian village little kid playing with a light blue vespa scooter in Tuscany children drinking water from a fountain in Italy children playing with their father by a little stairway in Pienza family walking in a large stubble field with dozens of hay bales young family sitting near a hay stack, parents kissing mother and daughter sitting near a hay stack in Italy couple kissing while leaning against a hay bale in Tuscany family holiday in Italy family walking in a large stubble field with dozens of hay bales little boy looking at a tractor harvesting in Italy young father giving her daughter a piggyback ride through a country field family holiday in Italytoddler trying to feed his father with a flower Family Holiday in Italy family with children having fun on a white gravel road in Tuscany family with children walking on a white gravel road in Tuscanylittle girl walking hand by hand between her parents couple walking hand by hand with a dreamy soft Tuscna hill in the background couple walking embraced with a dreamy soft Tuscna hill in the background little girl running towards a crouched kitten in a Tuscan farmhouse little girl walking with a kitten in a Tuscan farmhouse couple embracing in front of Agriturismo il Rigo in Tuscany little kid standing by a fence in the country little kids playing running after a kitten little kids playing with a little cat in the Italian countryside young couple of parents sitting enjoying the sunset in Tuscany

Are you staying at Agriturismo il Rigo? Get in touch!

These were our favorites for this Family photo session. We hope to give you some inspiration for your next family trip! If you want to know more about this kind of service, please visit our Family page, and feel free to drop us a line.

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    1. I was searching for photography services price and visit your site and I really like the photos, it was much different than what I see on other sites, the sense of every shots and way of composing and expressing, I really enjoyed.

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