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Jenni's family back to Tuscany

How to find a Trusted Photographer in Tuscany?

If you’re planning a family trip abroad, you might also want to capture your special moments. But how can you find a trusted photographer in Tuscany if you’ve never hired one?

In this post, we’re going to share with you the story of one of our former clients. She was traveling from abroad with her family, like you. We met them here in Tuscany a few years ago and took her Family Reunion photos. And this summer, she came back again, involving us in a project that you might love as well.

Val di Chiana view from Montefollonico

Val di Chiana view from Montefollonico

window smileys in the streets of Montefollonico

window smileys in the streets of Montefollonico

A lonely house on the hills

family walking outside the church of a Tuscan village

Jenni and her family in Montefollonico

family on vacation walking in a Tuscan village
family on vacation walking in Montefollonico

How Jenni found us

As we mentioned, Jenni wrote us for the first time through Instagram, in 2017. She was organizing a writers retreat in Tuscany from the U.S.A. and she thought to hire us to take their individual portraits. Even though we never did that, we kept following each other, and one year later, we finally met her in person. She was coming to Florence and Pienza with her whole family to celebrate her parents’ 40th anniversary. They were thinking about some village images and some countryside images.
family on holiday taking a photoshoot in Montefollonico
kids running in Montefollonico during a photoshoot
kids climbing old walls in Montefollonico during a photoshoot

the kids loved exploring

Family photoshoot in Montefollonico

The Guidebook

Jenni is writing a guidebook to Southern Tuscany with Isabella Barlocher Moricciani. That will be published in spring 2022. In that book, they will dive deep into the lesser-known villages and experiences of Val d’Orcia. They will also present a slow travel philosophy to enjoy and engage meaningfully with the culture rather than rushing through a checklist of sights. That will be the only English language guidebook focused on Val d’Orcia, so we invite you to follow them on Instagram. The book will also feature many pictures that we took of Jenni and Isa exploring the area.

fun candid moment during a family photoshoot in Tuscany

It was a sunny and windy day

natural light indoor portrait of a man


natural light indoor portrait of a kid


natural light indoor portrait of a young girl


natural light indoor portrait of a mother and her daughter

Mother & daughter

brother and sister portrait
brother and sister laughing
young girl portrait in a wheat field

Repeat clients


One of the best parts of being a family photographer is getting to watch our clients grow through the years. Just because our clients usually come from other countries, we love whenever they come back.

Just as repeat clients know what to expect of our photography style, we also know them. That makes our work much easier, and the experience is satisfying for all of us.

Jenni and Seth have visited Tuscany several times in the last decade. Like them, many people like to come back here – there is also a significant community of British and American residents.

This time they stayed in a village called Montefollonico, in Val d’Orcia. The hamlet was so peaceful that we could shoot almost in the middle of the streets. The surroundings also offered great natural backdrops, with golden wheat fields and the typical soft-rolling hills.

family portrait in a wheat field of Tuscany
kids portrait in a wheat field of Tuscany
couple portrait in a wheat field of Tuscany
couple portrait on holiday in a wheat field

Sharing good stories

Here at MeDisProject Photography, we love stories – that’s why we shared ours, too. When we started our little family business almost ten years ago, outdoor family photography was not popular in Tuscany. We were already working as photographers, collaborating with other local studios, especially in the wedding industry. When we launched our website, we were looking for a more intimate experience. Something that could allow us to keep a direct, long-term relationship with our clients.
couple portrait on vacation in a wheat field
siblings portrait on holiday in a wheat field
hay bales in a Tuscan field at summer

Hay bales and golden fields

Family Photographers in Tuscany
candid moment during a photoshoot in Tuscany

It’s not only about the photos

From the very beginning, we were blessed with open-minded and laid-back people that were mostly coming from abroad.
We’d love to keep in touch with them through emails or social media and see their families growing, year after year. Some of them became real friends and kept coming back to Florence every now and then. Jenni and her family are one of them.
portrait of a girl on holiday in Tuscany
two kids in a hay bales field in Tuscany
Family Photo portrait in Tuscany
portrait of a mother and son on holiday in Tuscany
detail of a mother and son pose
Matteo Baldini Family Photographer in Tuscany

Something's moving, down in the valley

foxes in a Tuscan field

A family of foxes came out playing!

couple on holiday in Tuscany
siblings on holiday in Tuscany

It’s about sharing values


The Covid-19 pandemic came, disrupting our everyday life and imposing travel bans. On the other hand, that provided us all with a chance to stop and take a breath. To ponder what our priorities are. We wanted to give more space to meaningful relationships, also through our work. During the past years, we’ve been looking for new experiences to offer to our clients. So we thought to put together our love for Val d’Orcia and the people we met there with our work.


Read their review

Curious to know more? Jenni was so kind to write us a meaningful review. You may read it on our testimonials page.

portrait of a boy on holiday in Tuscany
father and daughter having fun on holiday in Tuscany
family portrait with dark sky in Tuscany

Love that dark blue sky

Portrait of Jenni Burke in Tuscany
sunset family photoshoot in Tuscany
sunset family photo session in Tuscany
sunset family photoshoot in Val d'Orcia
sunset family photoshoot in Val d'Orcia

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