Vacation photographers in Florence | Family Photos at il Borro Tuscany

Vacation photographers in Florence | Family Photos at il Borro Tuscany

Brandy's Family

Family photos at Il Borro

  il Borro Relais & Châteauxas they say on their website, is really “a place like no other”. Brandy and her family spent their vacation there, and they booked a Family Photo session with us.

Searching for variety

 The estate is surrounded by unspoiled nature and beauty, between Florence, Siena, and Cortona. Furthermore, it’s really huge and diverse: the locations go from a ranch with horses to a medieval village and luxury villas. Therefore, there was no reason to look any further: we just parked our car and strolled all over the place.

Building memories

This is our first gallery in 2019, 10 years after we met each other and started our story as a family. In that period, we were shooting mostly weddings all over Italy. At the same time, we were following amazing photographers: among the many, Anna Kuperberg was an incredible inspiration for us. She was and still is shooting families and their pets, at their home, in a unique way. Her photos looked cozy as well as beautifully composed, and the people portrayed seemed totally natural and at ease. She used no filters, just her creativity, “from a child’s eye level”.

When we looked around us, there was basically nothing like that here. For this reason, when we created our own website, a few years after, we decided to dedicate to families. Even though our work is very different from hers, we strive to give our clients the same feeling, when they look back at their pictures.

And here we are

A new family in our Family, a new wonderful place that we hope you’ll find inspiring. Eventually, if you wanna know more about this kind of service, feel free to drop us a line below.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!


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