Family Portraits Photography in Tuscany | Photo session in Barberino Val d’Elsa

Family Portraits Photography in Tuscany | Photo session in Barberino Val d’Elsa

Tokatlyan Family

Family portraits in Tuscany

How do you choose a photographer for your family portraits? You already booked your trip to Tuscany, and you’re excited to get some new photos with your family on holiday. But there are so many photographers in Italy, how do you select one? Being professionals who specialize in family photography, we’ll share our point of view, hoping to give you some useful information.

Why booking a family photographer?

Hiring a family photographer on vacation might feel like a splurge. However, we’re here to show you it’s worth every cent. We all know that – almost – anyone can be a photographer these days. So why should you spend money and time hiring a professional photographer on vacation? Aren’t your brand new camera – rather than your smartphone – or your creative skills enough to take some decent keepsake of your trip to Italy? Well, even if you can achieve impressive results with your selfie stick or tripod, there are still a few reasons why you need to book a photographer.

Getting the Family together

In the busy and hectic daily life, it can feel almost impossible at times to get the Family together. That’s probably one of the reasons you’re taking a trip with your loved ones, isn’t it? Booking a family photo session is the perfect chance to live another unique experience within this adventure. Also, you’ll make everlasting memories out of that—authentic keepsake photographs to pass down through generations.

Nobody is missing

If you’re like many of our clients, you travel every year as a family. Then who’s going to take your pictures? The one behind the camera is left out of the photos. But most of the families want at least a few portraits to hang on the wall at home. And you deserve to have pictures with all of you. As full-time photographers, but also as a family, we know how important that is. That’s why we also receive inquiries from other fellow photographers. And we’re so proud when we can help them with their memories! On the other hand, if you’re hiring a professional photographer, no one’s left out from your pictures, and you’ll have much more choice for your prints.

Relax and have fun

As we previously wrote, selfie sticks and tripods are great, and they can be handy. But taking photos also takes time and attention. When we check the files, after a photoshoot, we always notice some details that we didn’t see while we were clicking the shutter. That’s because we concentrated on other factors, such as framing or just waiting for the right moment to come. Thus, we soon realized that being focused on shooting, we partially or sometimes missed a moment in life. It gets frustrating, and maybe you end up feeling like you’re spending more time trying to take photographs than merely enjoying the moment. If a photographer is there for you, you can focus on what’s important, and just enjoy your time and your loved ones.

Meet the locals – and get some tips.

If you’re like us, a vacation is more than just time relaxing on a beach. It’s spending quality time with people you love. It’s a chance to plunge into a new culture, feed your soul with unique experiences, and discover new places. A local photographer is an excellent opportunity to put yourself in connection with a local of the area. In the past, we had lots of clients asking for recommendations about restaurants or places to visit, and we were glad to share our suggestions. Sometimes, they even invited us for dinner, and so we started unusual yet unexpected friendships that continue.

Family portraits are an investment.

A British English proverb says: “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. A full-time professional photographer is not cheap, and there are many reasons for that. Often, they are more likely to be responsive and responsible. For instance, we have backup gear in case of camera failure and perform backup procedures in case of memory card loss. We spend time scouting for various shooting locations and consistently invest in our professional development. Professional photographers are operating legally as a business, with all its associated costs. Furthermore, they are more likely to still be in business and able to support you in the future. Our responsibility, as photographers, is to show the singularity of each Family and suspend it in time.

Your investment in family portraits is something that will cross generations. Not just you, but your children and grandchildren will cherish them.



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Are you visiting Tuscany with your Family?

That’s what Heather, Steve, and their little wonder Clara did. While they were on vacation, they wrote us a last-minute e-mail, and luckily we managed to take family portraits for them. We met them at Podere Vergianoni, in the countryside just 15 minutes drive away from Florence. The weather was perfect: warm enough for ice cream and a nice walk through vineyards and olive trees.

Are you coming to Tuscany with your family too? Check out our Family page to get some inspiration about places to visit.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact us, even last minute, as you can see, we love surprises!

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