A Family Reunion Photoshoot in Florence and Tuscan Countryside

A Family Reunion Photoshoot in Florence and Tuscan Countryside

From City to Countryside: A Family Photoshoot in Florence and surroundings

At MeDisProject Photography, we love recording special moments and impressions that families will treasure throughout their life. Angela’s family reunion in Florence and the Tuscan countryside was no exception. We were thrilled to be a part of their journey and help them catch their memories through stunning photographs.

Angela was born and raised in Florence, and it was a joy for her to share her hometown with their children. As they explored the city’s rich culture and history, they were able to create new experiences together.

A family portrait in Florence Italy

Exploring the Enchanting Tuscan Countryside

The true magic of their trip came when they ventured out into the Tuscan countryside. The rolling hills, picturesque views lined with cypress trees, and the sunset provided a stunning backdrop for their family photography session. From the ancient villages to the sun-drenched fields, the Tuscan countryside offered something for everyone.


three generations of women

Reconnect with your roots

For Angela’s parents, the trip was a chance to revisit their past and reconnect with their roots. They were able to share stories and keepsakes from their time in Florence and the surrounding area. And for the entire family, the trip was a beautiful blend of past and present, with old memories being revisited and new ones being created.

The grandparents

Capturing emotions

At MeDisProject Photography, we strive to capture not just images, but the emotions and spirit that go along with them. We are honored to have been a part of this family’s journey and to have helped them preserve their memories through our photography. If you’re planning a family reunion trip in Florence and the Tuscan countryside, we would be honored to help you capture your adventure as well.

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