Family Trip to Tuscany | Photo Experience in Lucca

Magee Family

What makes a family trip to Italy memorable?

Well… many things, but in our opinion, take your time is surely very important.

A large number of those travelers we meet during our sessions have already come to Europe before. And of course, a lot of them have already come to Tuscany, too. As a consequence, they take the chance to stop for a few days and just explore a city or a village. Thus, they escape the hoards of tourists that visit this region almost any season.

Choose your place

This year especially, we met many of these families just at their venue. As can be seen, that’s often a wonderful villa with a large garden, tucked away in the most typical Tuscan countryside. From there, they could enjoy a slow drive through the soft rolling hills, discovering small towns and villages like Pienza and Volterra. This way it’s easy also organizing a photo session, skipping the crowds and the hustle of the big cities.

Staying in Lucca

That’s why when Melissa wrote to us that they were spending a week in Lucca, we immediately felt connected.

If you’re not really familiar with Tuscany, you might have never heard this city before. In fact, everybody knows Florence, Pisa, or Siena, but not Lucca. In particular, the old town is surrounded by ancient walls. Also, the old streets are often free from cars, which makes it very easy traveling with kids. Furthermore, the variety of backdrops is so diverse. Eventually, the lighting is great, and it doesn’t require as much walking to get between locations.

This family

Melissa traveled with her husband and their daughter Olivia. In the beginning, her parents and grandmother joined us, and then we continued the session with just the three of them. Later we could comfortably stroll the city center, having a stop every time we needed.

And their story

Here are a few words by Melissa, perfectly describing their family trip:

“We decided to finally make this trip back over to Italy on a whim. My grandmother wanted to come back over, as did my parents, and we decided this was the perfect year to do it [..] We live across the country from all of our family, so I feel so fortunate to take this trip with them.”

Reading this, and living far from our families too, we feel like dreaming to do the same one day.

We hope this can inspire you too!



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