Rustic country wedding in Tuscany | Elope in Italy

Nicole, Corey & Sabina

An Intimate countryside elopement

Are you dreaming of having an intimate countryside elopement in Italy? Tuscany is a beautiful region with plenty of different locations. If you still can’t decide where to go, and if it’s worth hiring a professional photographer, please check out this post.

We met Nicole & Corey in the relaxing atmosphere of Villa Campestri Olive oil resort, tucked away among the green Tuscan hills. This quiet place is ideal to have an intimate elopement in the countryside with just their little daughter Sabina. We even had a beautiful surprise to meet our friend Jo Bertolino who celebrated our wedding too!

Do you need a photographer?

More and more couples are choosing unconventional weddings in recent years. On the other hand, even if they skip out on the big ceremony and expensive dinners, they continue to invest in wedding photography. Why?

There are many reasons why brides and grooms choose elopement rather than a traditional wedding celebration. Most often, they’re afraid of the stress that comes along with wedding planning. For many couples, cost and familial arguments are also real concerns. As it happened to us with our wedding, we wanted to focus more on feelings than on significant party planning.

Being working in this industry for years gave us enough knowledge to decide what was more important to us. In our case, it was our love for each other and the presence of just a few loved ones.

Photos that last

Venue reservations, foods, wedding cake, and decoration are all passing. After all, the majority of your wedding budget only lasts as long as the reception! Even your wedding dress will get packed away after the ceremony unless you decide to do something like this honeymoon photo session.

What does remain is your memory of the experience – and we take photos to save it. As a genuine Brunello di Montalcino, the value of your wedding photos will increase over time.

Venue: Villa Campestri

Celebrant: Jo Bertolino, Tuscan Pledges

cloudy mountain view from Villa Campestri Villa Campestri olive oil resort in Tuscany detail of Minimal Lace Up Heel shoes and rose wedding dress bride wearing a baby's breath crown getting ready for a countryside wedding at Villa Campestri Olive oil resort getting ready for a countryside wedding at Villa Campestri Olive oil resort little flower girl portrait before a country Tuscan wedding little flower girl getting ready for a wedding at Villa Campestri bride getting ready for a country Tuscan wedding hydrangea bouquet detail for a country wedding bride getting ready for a country Tuscan wedding outdoor summer elopement among broom flowers in Tuscany Intimate countryside elopement at Villa Campestri outdoor summer elopement among broom flowers in Tuscany detail of a groom's hand on bride's shoulder during the wedding ceremony symbolic elopement ceremony in Tuscany with Jo Bertolino little flower girl comforting her mother during a wedding ceremony Intimate countryside elopement photo session holding hands during an elopement ceremony Intimate countryside elopement in Tuscanylittle flower girl bringing the rings to the bride and groom exchanging the rings during an elopement wedding ceremony first kiss during an elopement wedding ceremony little baby signing her parent's wedding certificate intimate countryside elopement with a little family of three married couple kissing with their baby looking at them country elopement with a little family of three country elopement with a little family of three little flower girl palying with a butterfly on her father's sleeves just married couple playing with their daughter just married couple portrait among rose hydrangea little flower girl running in a villa garden just married couple walking hand by hand with their baby daughter funny photo of a just married couple with their baby daughter little baby girl walking hand by hand with parents bridal portrait with soft natural light just married couple among flowers and country stone walls couple kissing under a large tree

Are you getting married at Villa Campestri?

Please visit our Wedding page and Contact us for more information on our packages. We’d be happy to be a part of your destination wedding in Tuscany!

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    1. C.Montez 8 years ago

      You 3 look so happy! See Nicole I told you Corey is a good man. I’ve know the fart since 9th grade. Sabina is so precious. Nicole your so elegant & pretty. Remember love is the foundation to the whole entire universe! (Marriage too)…

    2. Teri 8 years ago

      Keep these photographs out and easily accessible in your home always. Like the three if you, they are beautiful. They will remind you many years from now of this magical time. We love you.

    3. Katie licano 8 years ago

      Nicole & Cory. Beautiful, MAGICAL. You look so happy. Congratulations again!!

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