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Looking for Marriage Proposal Photographers?

The demand for marriage proposal photographers is increasing all over the globe, and in Italy too. We often get emails from men – and, lately, more and more women – that are looking for a photographer for this purpose. After all, who wouldn’t love to have a picture of such a special moment in life? If you’re at this stage, you’re probably asking yourself questions like: “How do you ask a girl to marry you?” or “What’s the most romantic way to propose?”. As photographers, we have witnessed many proposals in the past, and luckily everything went off without a hitch. In this article, we’ll share with you the story of one of our latest clients, hoping that you may find some useful information and get inspired for your marriage proposal.

Beyond chocolates and flowers

Asking your partner to marry, can make anybody nervous because of the high expectations. Nothing works like a great proposal story to surprise your fiancè, starting a new chapter of your life together. Also, right now the stakes are higher than ever – just Googling “marriage proposal” you will find thousands of fantastic pictures, so it’s easier to get confused with so many options. For this reason, to be creative with how you pop the question, we’d suggest sticking to your romance. Some of our customers chose Florence because their girlfriend studied here or they just knew she would love to visit the city. Some others even met each other and started their relationship in the Tuscan capital. That reminds us of our own story, too!

Find an intimate venue to propose.

So, Hendrick was planning a romantic trip to Florence, Italy, and he envisioned popping the question over dinner. As you can see, we prefer natural daylight, so usually, we don’t encourage an indoor/nighttime kind of setting. We have been planning and shooting a pic-nic wedding proposal, which is just spectacular on a hot summer evening. On the other hand, Hendrick wrote us an email looking for a very particular situation, and he was coming here on a pretty cold late-autumn night. Moreover, he had a tight schedule and a few preferences:

  • A private gastronomic dinner made by a chef and served in an old and beautiful church. This one especially made us hesitated: even in Florence, there aren’t so many places fitting these requirements.
  • A violinist that could play for him and his soon-to-be fiancé
  • Flowers on the table
  • And a photographer to capture the moment.

Accepting the challenge

As you can imagine, shooting indoor is generally more complicated for many reasons:

  • The scene might not be picture-perfect. Not all the Trattorias are suitable for a romantic photo session. Most of those places are way too crowded and dark to get a beautiful frame.
  • For the same reason above, it’s more challenging to keep the surprise effect.
  • It’s an added expense.

 On the other hand, we love challenges and new adventures. That could be a chance for us to think outside the box and shoot something new. Then, we started to think about a few possible options to present to him, according to the many places we visited for work during these years. Finally, we came out with a couple of choices, and we contacted them to know their prices and availability. Eventually, we asked Hendrick his budget range, and according to that, we started working together.

From dreams to reality

Despite the short notice – Hendrick contacted us only one week before the date – the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence was available to offer a romantic dinner in its magnificent Lobby Chapel. A dedicated butler welcomed the couple with two glasses of prosecco and passing canapés, in a dream-like setting of a private chapel surrounded by original frescoes from the 1400s. Meanwhile, a violinist played a tender melody, and we introduced ourselves as planned. In the previous days, we prepared with Hendrick a plausible scenario to keep the proposal as a surprise. Everything set, so after he read a short poem, he finally got down on his knees and popped the question. If you’re curious to know the rest of the story, please check out the selection of our favorite photos at the end of this post.


Private dinner table setting at the Four Seasons hotel in Florence Table decorations for a private dinner at Four Seasons hotel Florence little chapel private dinner in Florence Four Seasons hotel lobby in Florence Italy Four Seasons waiter welcomes couple having a private dinner Private dinner service at the Four Seasons hotel in Florence Romantic candle-light dinner in Florence Italy Ceiling decorations of a little dining room in Four Seasons Hotel Florence African American couple having a romantic dinner at the Four Seasons hotel in Florence Italy Men proposing to his fiancé over dinner in Florence Italy Proposal photographers in Florence marriage proposal photo session with violin playing music marriage proposal photographers in Florence Italy marriage proposal photographers in Tuscany marriage proposal photo session marriage proposal photographers at Four Seasons hotel in Florence Florence marriage proposal photographers marriage proposal photographers marriage proposal photographers shooting at Four Seasons hotel Engagement photo session at the Four Seasons hotel in Florence

So, what’s your story?

If you’re looking for creative proposal ideas, we’d love to help you. For some more inspiration, please check out some of our favorite stories, and feel free to drop us a line for any information.

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