This is our Story

First off, you may wonder: why this strange name?

[ mæ:dis] = Lithuanian for “Tree.” We chose this word because our very first session was just nearby a magnificent old oak tree, which is the one that you can find in our logo. Also, we wanted to specialize in family photography, so we loved the idea of something that grows and has deep roots. Moreover, we didn’t care to call our website “” or “” Even though that could be more successful on Google ranks, we still thought it’d sound too anonymous. And then, MeDisProject also contains both our first name initials (Matteo & Dovilė).

So, who are we? Let’s start from the very beginning!

 Piazza Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy.

August 2009

 “Lots of tourists and travelers were coming and going to the train station just around the corner.

It was late afternoon, and I was sitting in the square, taking photos of passers-by.”

– Matteo –

 “I was walking with my friend, going towards the station when we noticed a guy who was taking a picture of us.

Here’s that picture (I’m the one on the left)”

– Dovilė –

“I love this picture. I think it’s something pretty rare for a man to have a photo, which is also his first look at the woman he loves.”

– Matteo –

“So that’s the first time we met. There was no time to linger, though, and we needed to catch the train. So we said goodbye and went to the station.”

– Dovilė –

 “The train was very late (thank God, once in a lifetime!), so we decided to spend some more time sitting in the square, taking photos. There we met Matteo again, and after some chat, we exchanged our contacts.”

– Dovilė –

” Over the following weeks, we started writing each other long emails, and spending nights chatting on Skype, falling in love.

In October, I finally flew to Vilnius, Lithuania.”

– Matteo –

 “Then, I went back to Italy…”

– Dovilė –

 “And I went back to Lithuania.”

– Matteo –

“And once again…”

– Matteo –

 “Until I finally moved  to Florence and we started living and working together, right where everything began.”

– Dovilė –

And this is our wedding, here in Florence, on April 18th, 2015

Thank you Studio Bonon and Gabriele Fani for the hard work

and for your friendship

Our kids

In 2018, we welcomed our first son Umberto to this world. He was born one day after his dad and two days before his mom. So, we now have one more reason to celebrate our birthdays together. In 2021, Thea joined the family. Here we are, for the Season’s Greetings.

Photographers Dovilė Bruzaite and Matteo Baldini and their children

As photographers

So, now that you know a little more about us, we can tell you a few things as photographers. We both have a professional background in photojournalism at La Repubblica, where we worked for a couple of years. Then we both started collaborating with other photographers, especially in the wedding industry. As you know, Italy and Tuscany, in particular, have always been popular destinations. So we had the chance to shoot many elegant events all around our country.


The MeDisProject Story

In 2012 we finally started our family business and launched our website, focusing on Family and portrait photography. Throughout these years, we also developed our expertise planning and shooting Surprise marriage proposals and documenting extended family reunions.

Mother and son hug on the doorstep

In the time of Coronavirus

During the first months of the pandemic, we shot a Visual Diary for our son Umberto. He’s only two years old at the time, and we created the series so he would have something to remember the experience. Also, that was the chance for us to get acquainted with our neighbors and increase the sense of community around our building.

Our pandemic diary was also on display as part of the 2020 Storie Differenti festivalorganized in Florence by Chille de la Balanza. Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, LRT, and The Florentine wrote about that. Moreover, some of these photos have been selected by ICP, Roma Fotografia, and Arcipelago19 for other exhibitions.

That’s the MeDisProject Story, so far

Are you traveling to Florence on vacation, in a couple, or with your family? Are you planning a surprise wedding proposal or your romantic wedding in Tuscany?

We’d love to talk with you about working together to create meaningful images that will inspire memories for years to come.

Tell us your story!


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    1. STEFANO 10 years ago


      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        grazie Stefano, c’è voluto un anno a scriverla… è valso la pena aspettare ;-)

    2. Monika 10 years ago

      Nuostabi istorija apie tai, kaip netiketai sutinki. daugiau tokiu!

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        Labai netikėtai, nors. buvo labai laukta. Tęsiam istoriją!

    3. Logina 10 years ago

      bellissima!! che cosa splendida! bravi bravi

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        grazie mille cara

    4. Silvia 10 years ago

      Bellissima storia e il vostro lavoro è sempre stato magnifico.

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        grazie mille Silvia, volevamo condividerla nel modo migliore possibile

    5. Consuelo 10 years ago

      Davvero emozionante ragazzi grazie!

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        grazie a te per la visita e i complimenti, continua a seguirci!

    6. Elaine 10 years ago

      Che bella storia, e belle foto! Bravi!!!

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        Grazie mille, davvero!

    7. merisa 10 years ago

      Love your website and your lovely story! ♡

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        thank you Merisa, soon you’ll be a part of this ;-)

    8. Elena 10 years ago

      Bravi bravi!! mi piacciono le storie e questa è bella e ben raccontata! dolce.
      Complimenti anche per il sito mi piace un monte! ;)

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        grazie, grazie per tutto. la storia (e il sito) continua

    9. Lucy & Jaco 10 years ago

      Aaaah, what a lovely story for a lovely couple!

      Thank goodness that train was late…..fate played her card in a similar way to Jaco & I meeting.

      I love love… x

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        Thanks Lucy! That was a good delay! What happened to you??

    10. Stasys 10 years ago

      Nice, I was simply “googling” for portrait photography, when this website name catched my eye. Good thinking! I love how you incorporated the first letters of your names and the lithuanian language into it.

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        Thanks Stasys, the idea came spontaneously watching our first engagement session, we liked how everything matched. Hope you liked the photos too!

    11. Laura 10 years ago

      meravigliosa! Ma possibile che ancora non l’avevo letta? Alla faccia di tutti gli “esperti” di storytelling :) bravi!!

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        Grazie cara, nella prima versione del sito era un po’ più nascosta. Siamo un cantiere aperto ;-)

    12. Francesca 10 years ago

      So amazing. I’d like to have a story like that for my son, for my many life changes for my whole things… You did a great job!!! this will be such a good visual memory forever. Thanks for having shared it with me!

      • Author
        MeDisProject 10 years ago

        Thank you Francesca for your kind words, something good is on its way ;-)

    13. Rossella 8 years ago

      Io mi sono commossa…. Un fotofilm…

      • Author
        MeDisProject 8 years ago

        grazie Rossella, ci fa piacere!

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