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Online Photos

of the Lithuanian Community in Tuscany


About the Project

We started shooting Remote photos at the end of 2020 to connect with our friends and former clients scattered in the world. A few months later, the Lithuanian community in Tuscany involved us in this project to celebrate its fourth birthday on February 21st. 

Lithuanians living in our region are professionals working in various fields: Lithuanian-Italian translators and interpreters; accounting and business consultants; people and culture coordinators; guides and travel guides; architects; medical staff; photographers; painters; music performers and singing poetry composers; journalists; philologists; marketing specialists; professionals working in the fashion industry; athletes; tailors; chefs and other professionals and students.

We met a lot of them virtually at their houses and shot their portrait remotely through the Shutter App. In this time of physical distance, that was a nice way to reconnect and create something together.

online portrait of a couple living in Tuscany

Viktorija Pranaitytė and Massimo - Pisa

Edita Pučinskaitė and her family - Monsummano Terme (PT)

online portrait of a couple of musicians living in Tuscany

Rimgailė Robucci and her husband Mattia - Pisa

The Lithuanian Community

The Lithuanian community in Tuscany was founded on 21st February 2017.

Its aim is to become a point of support for Lithuanians in Tuscany, to promote, develop and carry out different cultural work aimed at preserving, expanding and promoting Lithuanian culture in Tuscany and Italy. They preserve the Lithuanian language, carry education, sports, promote historical memory and public spirit. According to Italian statistics for 2019 data, 345 Lithuanian citizens live here in Tuscany, even though the community counts just over 50 members. If you’re a Lithuanian living in Italy or abroad, you may connect to the community through their Facebook Page.

online portrait of a Lithuanian woman living in Tuscany with her dogs

Laima Malinauskaitė with her dogs - Cortona (AR)

online portrait of a Lithuanian mother living in Tuscany

Neringa Budrytė and her son - Prato (PO)

online portrait of a Lithuanian family living in Tuscany

Asta Kriščiūnaitė-Dantoni with husband Bart and their son - Florence

online portrait of a couple living in Tuscany

Rasa Simonavičiūtė with boyfriend and cat - Florence

online portrait of a Lithuanian woman living in Tuscany
Virtual portrait of a family member of Lithuanian community in Tuscany

Eglė Puidokaitė with partner Giacomo and their daughter - Florence

Virtual portrait of a Lithuanian woman at home

Gitana Mačienė – at home in Vilnius (living between here and Florence)

Virtual family portrait with Lithuanian costumes

Morta Guščiūtė and her family - Idro (BS)

Ričardas ŠLEPAVIČIUS, Ambassador of Lithuania to Italy and his family in Rome

Ričardas Šlepavičius and his family - Rome

Ričardas ŠLEPAVIČIUS, Ambassador of Lithuania to Italy

Ričardas Šlepavičius - Rome

online portrait of Lithuanian painter Viktorija Skafaru

Viktorija Skafaru and her partner - San Gimignano (SI)

remote family portrait in a bright Italian house

Viktorija and her family - Milan

Remote portrait of a woman with mimosa

Giedrė Rutkauskaitė - Padova

Virtual family portrait of a mother with two children

Audra Tuminienė and her children - Lentini (Sicily)

Simona Crisafulli and her husband in Itala, Sicily

Simona Crisafulli and her husband Domenico - Itala (Sicily)

Woman in a red room with dogs

Žydrūnė Dubickaitė - Idro (BS)

couple laying on a sofa with a map of the world

Karolina Linkutė and her boyfriend - Canelli (AT)


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