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A photoshoot in Tuscany: Certaldo Alto

A photoshoot in Tuscany is a unique experience that’s going to be a milestone in your family photo album. On this page, we’ll start a new category of our blog to list our favorite off the beaten track places in this beautiful region. This one is about a little hamlet less than one hour drive away from Florence: Certaldo Alto. 

Old Volkswagen beetle and wedding couple in Certaldo

Certaldo Alto as seen from the surrounding hills

Photoshoot in Tuscany

At this point, you’re perhaps asking yourself why we chose to start with this particular location. The reasons are many, so please continue reading or bookmark this page if you want to know more. On the other hand, please note that we’re considering this topic mainly from a photographic point of view. So, if you’re looking for historical information, you may find an interesting article on the Tuscany official tourism website.

couple photoshoot in Certaldo Alto

A little town off the beaten track

Certaldo Alto is a medieval village much less touristy than many other nearby destinations, like San Gimignano. The old town center is on a hilltop, and its surrounded by medieval walls. There is just a main road where it’s easier to meet locals sitting in the street with their chairs rather than tourists. In fact, from the terrace in front of the town hall, you can see the whole main street with just a glance. And, as you can see in these pictures, the view is very picturesque.

wedding photoshoot in Tuscany

Wedding photos in Certaldo Alto

You might start wondering why is that Certaldo remains off the beaten track? That is something we cannot explain either: probably being so close to San Gimignano – which has a long tradition in tourism, even for the Italians – didn’t help. Especially considering that most of the travelers drive from Florence to Siena, and on their way, make just one stop. Also, while buses and cars can easily park outside the walls of San Gimignano, reaching the hilltop of Certaldo Alto might not be that quick. Here, you can either take a funicular or park your car in the closest parking lot outside the walls, which takes a long tour around the hill.

Vacations photographers in Certaldo


The main event that attracts crowds in this little town is Mercantia, which is one of the most beautiful street art festivals. During those five days, usually in mid-July, the old village gets very busy with artists, hosting exhibitions and live concerts. Even though the events start after dinner, the streets could be much more active than usual, so please consider this while you’re planning your stay. Visiting Mercantia is a fun experience, anyway, so even if you do not want to take photos, we highly recommend that.

family portrait in Certaldo Alto

Genuine Tuscan Look

Unlike the main touristy places in the region, Certaldo has retained a magical atmosphere of the past. If you want to capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic Tuscan spots, Boccaccio‘s hometown is perfect for a private, professional photoshoot. There you can see the mix of historical, poetic, and natural look that we love to put in our photos. You’ll find yourself roaming the streets, immerse in astounding beauty.

Tuscan style same-sex photo session

Romantic photo experience in Certaldo

Tuscan style wedding photos

The Canonica Hill Park

Another good reason to put this destination on your wishlist is for its great variety of photographic spots. Just outside town, a few minutes by car, you can visit the breath-taking Canonica Hill Park. That’s a green area populated only by a few locals who come here jogging, walking with their pet dog, or just sitting on a bench for a chat at sunset. The park stretches over several soft rolling hills and includes a beautiful path lined by cypress trees, making it the most typical Tuscan countryside. So, that makes it ideal if you’re looking for a photo shoot in a small town along with nature.
Family reunion at Canonica hill park

LGBT wedding photographers Italy

Perfect for all

For all the statements above, Certaldo Alto is a fantastic destination for all the kind of travelers. As you can see in our pictures, you can enjoy this place as a couple, with your family, or even with your large family group. Both in town and the fields, there’s plenty of space for your kids to run free and safe. Moreover, you can take the chance to stop in a bar and have ice cream or enjoy a romantic dinner in one of its cozy restaurants.

Family photo shoot in Tuscany

Kids running free in Tuscan park

picnic marriage proposal

For every occasion

Browsing these pictures, you can see that we’ve been recommending this location for every possible opportunity. The romantic sunset light is terrific for a Honeymoon photoshoot, as well as your Wedding Proposal. One of our clients even asked us to organize a Picnic and Marriage proposal, and it was a thrilling experience that created unique memories of such an important day. Certaldo Alto also offers one of the most beautiful town halls in the region, which is excellent for an intimate wedding or a countryside Elopement.

wedding in Certaldo town hall

Certaldo Alto’s town hall

civil wedding ceremony in Tuscany

Picnic ideas for your vacation in Tuscany

A romantic picnic on the grass

engagement photos with pet dog in Tuscany

“Can our dog be in our engagement photos?”

And in every season

As many amazing destinations, the beauty of Certaldo Alto and its surroundings is worth a visit in every season. During springtime, the lush green fields of Canonica Hilltop will relax your eyes. While in the summer, they turn to light gold color, which makes a nice contrast with the cypresses’ dark green. We’ve been there also in fall and loved the brown tones of clay and dry grass.

photoshoot in green Tuscany

In springtime

wedding photo shoot in Tuscany


autumn trip photo session in Tuscany

And in autumn

funny engagement photo session in autumn

someone’s not impressed…

Romantic couple enjoying sunset in Certaldo

sunset photo shoot in Tuscany

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