Romantic elopement in San Gimignano | Winter wedding in Tuscany

Tiffany & Leonard

A San Gimignano Winter Elopement

Are you thinking of having a winter elopement in San Gimignano, Tuscany? Then, hopefully, this post can be inspiring for you!

This African American couple got married in San Gimignano in mid-December, yes, just a few days before Christmas! The temperatures in Tuscany can be very mild in that period, too. As you can see, both the bride and groom were dressed relatively lightly during the afternoon ceremony. Later, during the portrait session, it was enough for them to wear a coat and a little fur to be ok.

Yes, you can!

If December works best for your schedule, the good news is you can make it! Many places, like San Gimignano, have fewer tourists during that period, making it easier to take photos. Fewer people around means being less stressed and more relaxed. Since the days are getting shorter, you can easily plan an early afternoon ceremony, and we still get a beautiful soft light. Then, in the late afternoon, the Christmas lights will give a pleasant winter mood to your photos.

The crew

Blessing by: Jo, Tuscan Pledges

Wedding Planner: Tuscan Dreams


Evening lights and shadows Bride's portrait behind the window, reflection on the window Val d'Elsa landscape groom getting dressed the bride helping the groom to prepare outdoor elopement ceremony on a roof elopement outdoor ceremony in Val d'Elsa bride and groom grace at each other during the ceremony exchanging the rings during the wedding ceremony emotional bride cries during a ceremony bride and groom in a green valley bride and groom walking through the wet grass bride's red lipstick bride's and groom's classic portrait a view from San Gimignano tower in San Gimignano streetsold men chatting in San Gimignano main square spauses in San Gimignano main square San Gimignano Winter Elopement photos winter wedding in San Gimignano, spouses at the Christmas tree San Gimignano Winter Elopement beautiful bride smiling spouses posing at the old door San Gimignano Winter Elopement photographers intensive colors of the sunset in San Gimignano couple in the sunset light a couple in an intensive red light of the sunset branches of a tree in a sunset light a romantic couple in the sunset a gaze full of emotions in the sunset light a couple kissing in the sunset San Gimignano Winter Elopement photos with Christmas lights San Gimignano Winter Elopement

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