Engagement photo session in Florence

Kelsey & Brittany

A Country Marriage Proposal in Tuscany

Planning a same-sex marriage proposal in Tuscany, so far from home, can be difficult. In this post, we’d love to introduce you to a couple that just made it, and that we had the pleasure and honor to photograph. At the same time, we’d like to provide some useful advice and inspiration from our expertise in this kind of photo session.

More than just Florence

Many photographers might tell you that the absolute best place to propose in Florence is Piazzale Michelangelo or perhaps the less crowded San Miniato al Monte’s church. These are great places to visit, and even to take photos. We’ve been there too, during the past years, and we always love to go back there. However, the growing number of tourists that flood the city, in any season, is a good reason to consider other possibilities. Also, it’s enough for you to Google “proposal photographer in Florence” to see dozens of photos, looking more or less the same. Of course, the view up there is incredible, and you are gonna be the most important element in the picture. On the other hand, wouldn’t you like to have something truly unique, and different from the others?

A quiet(er) place

Florence, but most importantly, the region of Tuscany, offers so many scenic backdrops that it’d be a pity to stop at the first and most iconic one. We always ask our clients if they’re staying at some nice place, like this Villa in the countryside. For example, your venue could be the best and most peaceful spot to ask ‘will you marry me? In many cases, you’ll find a wonderful garden, sometimes with a breathtaking view that’s just waiting there for you. Additionally, your hotel concierge could help you to organize a wine tasting, a picnic, or a romantic dinner to celebrate the event. Surprise Marriage proposals are becoming very popular in Europe, too, and most of the venues would enjoy assisting you.

Just you and your love

There wasn’t a doubt in Kelsey’s mind when she started planning her surprise proposal: Tuscany was the perfect place for them. Surprising your lover isn’t always easy. Usually, there are a few secrets that have to be kept and some planning that has to go on sometimes for months. In fact, we helped her not just organizing a photographer to be there for the moment, without Brittany clueing on to the proposal. We also provided samples and different options according to her schedule and her preferences. Eventually, we decided together with her the best scene where she could pop the question, and coordinated with a private driver to get them right on spot.

She said “Yes”

When their car parked outside the Canonica park of Certaldo, we were already set, waiting for them. They walked down the alley and started to take photos with their phones. Kelsey kept wanting Britt to face the view, then she stepped away from her.  Suddenly she got down on one knee and pulled out a ring, and the rest is in the pictures below.

We celebrated by taking some scenic portrait pictures followed by a toast with sparkling prosecco wine.


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What about your marriage proposal in Tuscany?

In our work, we see a lot of couples incredibly happy, and the proposal stories have been amazing. Even though we shoot mainly in Tuscany, we can say that each one of them was particular. We also loved to keep in touch and follow their adventures, as their life grows together. In this case, we can’t wait to see Kelsey and Brittany’s wedding photos!

If you’re looking for a same-sex proposal idea, we’d love to help you. For inspiration, check out some of our favorite proposal stories on this website, and feel free to drop us a line for any more specific information.

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